Ed Snider Youth Hockey & Education

The mission of Ed Snider Youth Hockey & Education is to create opportunity for under-resourced youth of the Greater Philadelphia Region to prosper in life. The intended impact is that participating youth will become Snider student-athletes with age-appropriate social-emotional strengths and skills to succeed and contribute as students, employees and community members.

Snider serves over 3,000 boys and girls (kindergarten through post-secondary graduation). Our programs are open to the residents of Philadelphia and Camden: the vast majority of our participants come from under-resourced neighborhoods.

Our overarching goal is to help turn out a new generation of productive young citizens. This objective is supported by programs that improve academic, character, and physical development - uniquely combining literacy, life skills, experiential opportunities, fitness/hockey, and community service.

Join our team and help enable young people to build self-confidence needed to succeed and thrive as students, mentors, and future leaders!

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